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A Range of Services

At The Paperless Office we deliver a range of services surrounding EDM (Electronic Document Management), we can archive your documents from just a few months to any number of years, we can scan your paper to digital formats (Document Conversion), we can provide you with fully automated invoice processing (E-Billing) - where we scan your print streams and convert these to PDF before sending them via email to your customers, we can provide a 'Copier-To-The-Cloud' facility where YOU can archive to the cloud directly from your own office based copiers, or any type of digital document processing.

For over ten years we have used only web-based technologies to offer our customers solutions to:

Audit and Compliance

  • Are you finding it hard to meet all the latest compliance legislation?
  • Do you have inaccurate audit trails?
  • Are you fully compliant with the Data Protection Act?

A Paperless Advantage

  • Can you respond to document led Customer Service queries as fast as you would like?
  • Are you able to always find that paper-based information quickly?
  • Are your field workers able to access the information they need remotely?

Paperless Savings

  • Are your struggling with a lack of storage?
  • Do you need to reduce the costs of processing paper-based documents?
  • Are your staff losing time searching for key paper based information?

If you can answer 'Yes' to one or more of these questions above - then you need the Paperless Office services to solve your problems. Why not get in touch with us today, call our number below now.

You do not need to worry about high upfront software and integration costs, since our technology is fully cloud based you can use our Paperless Office services at a fraction of the traditional costs for IT.